Awaken God's Dreams for Your Life, Ministry, & Leadership.


"There is nothing you can do to make God love you any more, and nothing you can do to make God love you any less, than He already does."

Work with Brian

Spiritual Direction.

Are you feeling tired, anxious, or hopeless? Connect with Brian to rediscover why God put you on this earth, learn the ancient ways of intimacy with the Father, and step into your next season of life with confidence.

Leadership Coaching.

If you're stuck trying to find vision or getting people buying into it, coaching might be what you need. Leadership Coaching helps you discover your strengths, gain clarity, set and maintain goals, and become a leader worth following.


Brian is a dynamic communicator, with more than 25 years teaching and preaching at camps, retreats, and churches, with audiences from a few people to thousands. 

Team Training.

Energize your team with proven training. Brian has extensive experience helping teams grow in unity and passion around a common vision. If you have a team that could use an outside voice to help build momentum, this is likely a great first step.

Vision Planning.

Brian will facilitate your team through a series of collaborative experiences that will result in a white-hot vision for your ministry and clear steps to reach it. This is most often done in a retreat setting, but can also be done through regular meetings.

Branding & Marketing.

Your website, social media, and visual branding tells the world a story. What do you want them to hear? Brian can help you gain clarity so you can bring intentionality and share the gospel with greater effectiveness.